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Needs as we move into 2024!

Horse fencing repair and loafing shed repair from 2023 storm damage, barn door repair, shade shelters for the dog play yard, veterinary expenses above annual care to include: pain management, surgeries and hospitalization, heart medication for one horse and one dog with heart disease, rebuilding of our emergency medical fund which was depleted in 2023. We also have two vehicles which are not running that are in need of maintenance and repair, a farm truck for hay and a 4-Wheel drive for animal transports during inclement weather. We experienced a larger than usual amount of emergency veterinary expenses and weather damage in 2023 which has depleted our emergency fund. Please consider helping us build our emergency fund back up and sustain daily operations via donations through PayPal Giving Fund which is a free, secure way to get your tax deductible donations to the animals:

We are ALWAYS in need of feed, hay, and general supplies. We have a Chewy Wishlist if you are prefer to send items directly,, or you can donate securely through PayPal Giving Fund,


Thank you for your help and support!


Fencing and housing needs are still on the table:


Spirit Keeper Equine Sanctuary is seeking assistance with fencing up-grades to accommodate our growing number of special needs residents.  Who are some of these horses? These are examples of just a few:


Summer and Ace who have metabolic disease and are on a highly restrictive diet, neither has turnout now and they are in dry-lot runs. I large turnout with a dry lot would be ideal for them to get exercise and social interaction while safeguarding their special diet.  


Cytar, has neurologic disease causing a lack of proprioception and must be maintained in the proper social group and a safe turn out space to avoid injury.


We were able to add a loafing shed in 2023; however, an existing loafing shed was damaged by a severe storm and is missing the roof. In addition to repairing that we still have materials on site for installation of sturdy pipe fencing for turnout areas but lack the funds for installation (labor and equipment). We are looking for sponsors, individual donors, companies, and grants for contributions to make this project a reality!




Spirit Keeper Equine is, to the best of our knowledge, the only animal sanctuary or rescue in El Paso County whose mission is specifically to care for special needs equines. We are contacted by those seeking to place blind, lame, elderly, and psychologically damaged horses; or those with chronic conditions requiring on-going medical care. These are vibrant, healthy, happy horses when cared for according to their individual needs. One of those needs is safe living space appropriate for their individual special condition. Typical horse fence has not proven appropriate for this special population: the blind, disabled, and elderly horses showing dementia. In 2017 we had 3 horses injured getting tangled in wire fencing or running through panels when they became startled or confused about their surroundings. One of the horses died due to her ordeal. This has been heartbreaking and difficult for our caretakers and volunteers; we need the community to understand what a difference the right fencing will make in the lives of these fabulous horses and step up to help! Horse safe fencing sturdy enough and constructed of material safe enough to handle a blind horse running into the fence for example, is expensive. To continue to serve this growing population we must make changes to our facility and are seeking public support.


The long-term goal is to replace all 35 acres of our facility with safe and durable fencing for all residents and to install cross-fencing on all 35 acres to allow for more pasture areas  The cost estimates for all 35 acres depending on the company and type of materials is up to $525,000! If you would like to help us now DONATE HERE to our fence fund! 

Some of the Horses who Benefit from this Fencing

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